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This is a website for foreign students
who are considering studying abroad in J. F. Oberlin University.
Please check out the introductions to our programs and the admission systems.

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Degree-seeking Program

Undergraduate Program

■Study and research in Japan

Since its establishment, J. F. Oberlin University’s goal has been to create people with international character, based on Christian values. In the global world of today, this mindset is becoming even more important and so motivates us to heavily invest in foreign language education. We strive to nurture creative and open-minded people who are highly skilled in foreign communication and are able to work in a global environment.

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Graduate Program

■Study and research in Japan

Our Graduate Division aims to create a variety of skilled specialists with a global mindset and researchers with interdisciplinary skill sets that will contribute to society. Humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences; regardless of your field, as long as you have a bachelor's degree, we offer the freedom to create your own curriculum suited to your needs. We have created an ideal environment for interdisciplinary research and study. You also have the ability to take courses from other fields outside your own.

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Non Degree-seeking Program

Summer Session

■Experience Japan

The Short-Term Study Abroad Summer Program consists of an intensive four-week course. For the 2019 academic year, we provided two business courses, two Japanese culture courses, and two Japanese language courses. All students can acquire knowledge not only by participating in field work classes, but also attending lectures held by experts on various subjects. All participants will receive an official report card at the end of their studies.

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Exchange & Study Abroad Program

■Know more about Japan

The Exchange & Study Abroad Program is for students of our overseas affiliated universities, as well as for people who would like to learn about Japan and experience its culture. We offer programs for either one semester or one year. We have Japanese language courses ranging from elementary to advanced levels. Each semester we offer a wide variety of courses taught in English, about Japanese culture. Our International Center will support you throughout your time here.

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Institute for Japanese Language and Culture

■Learn essential Japanese as an exchange student

An institution for international students where they can learn the Japanese language needed for further study in Japan. We offer four courses depending on the student’s goals: getting into graduate school, transferring to a Japanese university during your bachelor studies, applying to a Japanese university as a 1st year student, or doing research. These courses will help you acquire the Japanese skills you need to reach your goals. Generally these programs are a year long, but if a student has been accepted to study at his or her chosen educational institute, it is possible to shorten and finish these programs in six months instead. In such cases, the fees for the second semester will be reimbursed.

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